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o Sims: Patient lies on their left side, with their left hip and lower extremity straight, and right hip and knee bent; used for enemas and rectal examinations.

o Trendelenburg: Whole bed is tilted with HOB lower than foot of bed; promotes venous return.

o Reverse Trendelenburg: Whole bed is tilted with foot of bed lower than HOB; promotes gastric emptying (prevents reflux).

o Modified Trendelenburg: Patient lies flat with legs elevated above his/her heart; good for hypovolemia.

o Semi-fowlers: 15-45 degrees (usually 30 degrees); prevents aspiration and helps with ventilation.

o Fowlers: 45- 60 degrees; good for procedures (ex: suctioning), provides better ventilation.

o High fowlers: 60-90 degrees; good for severe dyspnea and during meals (to prevent aspiration).

o Supine: patient is flat on back

o Prone: patient is on stomach; helps to prevent hip flexion contractures after lower extremity amputation.

o Orthopneic: patient sits on side of bed with arms on overbed table; good for COPD (Promotes lung expansion)

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